"why wait?"

just do it..whatever it takes...

Permalink That one scary *ss ride at #Disneyland.. 😂happy Monday!
Permalink YO!! **NEW VID UP** Recovery - Justin Bieber ..watch it at YouTube.com/Joesar ..hope ya like!
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Permalink Happy Birthday to my beautiful girlfriend! Everyone please wish her a very special day!😘🎁🎉🎈 @apriljoy_
Permalink This.. This right here.. 😲#artichoke #pizza #nyc
Permalink Geez😳 #miami
Permalink Classes today!!😜 Brian & Scott 18:15-19:30 En Dance Studio Yokohama | Joesar 21:30-22:45 En Dance Studio Shibuya | en-dance-studio.com for more details😁
Permalink Dope shot from #mmvas!
Permalink *repost @theartofbeingagentleman* Happy Father’s Day y’all!